All You Need to Know About Visiting Komodo (2020)

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Travel has been at an all-time low in 2020 due to the pandemic but there are still a few places you visit and have your good time alone, away from the madness and noise. One of those places is undoubtedly Komodo, world-famous for its serene and isolated islands, beautiful landscapes, unique beaches, and world-class hospitality.

Here is what you need to know about visiting Komodo island and surrounding vacation spots in 2020 and beyond:

Is Komodo Island Worth Visiting?

Komodo island is one of the most visited islands in the Indonesian archipelago. It’s home to the world-famous Komodo National Park that is inhabited by the last living giant dragon lizards and other interesting flora and fauna. Apart from the wildlife and landscapes, Komodo is also visited because of its diving spots and unique beaches.  Diving in komodo island is a lot of fun because of the unique coral formation and plenty of marine life that still thrives in its waters.

A visit to the archipelago without passing by Komodo or its surrounding islands is unthinkable especially if you are after some adventure and thrill. You will have plenty of company on the island as it plays host to thousands of visitors each year and has a sizable local population. What’s more, you don’t even have to stay on the island as it can be easily accessed from Bali and other bigger islands using a chartered boat.

Can You Stay on Komodo Island?

Yes, you can stay on Komodo island if you wanted to although most visitors tend to come as part of a liveaboard cruise and only get off the boat to visit the beaches and national park. There is a local population of about 2000 people and a few tourist resorts on the island. You will, however, have more fun either living in a hotel in a more established hospitality island like Bali or even Jakarta and charter a boat to take you to Komodo and surrounding islands such as Rinca, Gili Motang, and Padar.  

How Many Days Do You Need in Komodo Island?

You will need at least a day or two to enjoy all that Komodo has to offer in terms of scenery and adventure. Most people spend the first day trekking through the national park and looking for the giant dragon lizards and the next day diving in and around the shores of the small island. If you can, you should stay a little longer and get to visit the local villages and settlements, swim in the beaches around the islands and also visit the smaller islands nearby.

Will A Komodo Dragon Attack A Human?

Given that you will be encountering the Komodo dragons in the wild, you may be worried about your safety. Yes, the giant lizards can be quite dangerous if they attack but this rarely happens. Over the past 38 years, only five people have been fatally wounded by the Komodo dragon. You will be guided on how to avoid the lizards while on the island and will have a ranger with you all the time.

Can A Komodo Dragon Be Tamed?

Komodo dragons cannot be tamed, but this has not stopped poachers from capturing them and keeping them in captivity abroad. This is a big problem that has seen their numbers dwindle over the years. It’s a serious offense to capture or try to tame a Komodo dragon because it’s currently considered an endangered species and protected.

Is Komodo Open to International Visitors?

By the time of publishing this guide, international flights into the archipelago were still banned and therefore blocking most international visitors to the island. However, the government keeps monitoring the situation and may open the airspace in the next year or so. However, local airlines are still doing local flights meaning domestic tourists may be allowed to visit Komodo and surrounding islands.

You might find this to be the best time, as a local tourist, to visit Komodo or Bali and get to enjoy its hospitality due to the current situation. You will, however, need to comply with a number of requirements which includes obtaining a PCR certificate and QR code for travel.  



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